Library list

August 2019

RULES for loaning from our library:

  • Members of DPS who are resident in Denmark may borrow literature from our library.
  • The loan is free of charge.
  • Costs in connection with the loan (postage to and from, as well as other possible fees) are paid by the loaner. The club will pay the initial postage fees, but these costs must be reimbursed to the club a.s.a.p., or at the latest upon return of the material.
  • All postage must take place in solid packaging. Reimbursement for any damage to the material is the responsibility of the loaner.
  • The loan period is normally one month from the day of dispatch from the librarian. The loan period may be extended according to permission from the librarian.
  • If the loan period is not kept by the loaner, an appropriate financial fee will be imposed on by loaner by the librarian/club.
  • If during the loan or transportation the material or parts hereof become damaged or missing, the loaner is responsible for reimbursing the club fully for its loss. Inappropriate conduct may lead to exclusion of the club.
  • According to the law of copyright for literature, only copies for personal use may be made. It is strictly forbidden to make copies for others and/or to use the material for commercial purposes.
  • Kindly contact the following regarding the DPS library: Gustav Hansen, email:
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