Catalogue of Danish Perfins

The catalogue encompasses approx. 1,100 Danish perfins. The perfins are priced according to their degree of rarity. Prices range from 1 Danish Krone for common perfins up to 2,500 for very rare perfins.

In connection with the 25thanniversary of our club in 2012, the latest catalogue was published, and it is the 3rdedition from the club. The catalogue committee has spent three years collecting and registering the information for this catalogue. There are approx. 30 new perfins while corrections have been made to 95 of the existing registrations.

If the club has knowledge of existing perforators, this information is given, as well a note on possibly known later perforations. Unfortunately, also with perfins fraud does happen from time to time. Should you have any knowledge of such misdoings, kindly inform us accordingly.

New knowledge relevant to the catalogue will be published in our membership magazine, “Perfin posten”. The magazine is published 2 to 3 times per year.

Ordering a catalogue

Please contact Mr. Kaj Mathiesen by phone +45 66 16 27 24 or via e-mail at