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By Morten Mikkelsen / 30. March 2024
Listen med brugere af fig. 04 og 4a er opdateret.
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New catalogue of danish perfin will be published 1st september 2022

By Morten Mikkelsen / 12. June 2022
A new 2022 catalog will be published, which can already be pre-ordered from the chairman. Price 300, - dkr +...
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Login for Members

By Morten Mikkelsen / 19. March 2022
Members can register on and access more documents under the LIBRARY tab, such as the latest On the Cross...
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Who we are?


Dansk Perfin Samlerklub – Danish Perfin Collectors’ Club – organizes collectors of perfins. We have members from all over the world; at the moment we are approx. 70 members in total. Also, we are a member of the Danish Philatelist Association.

We publish a members’ magazine three times a year..logos The magazine holds articles about i.e. the history of companies that have perforated their stamps, about new discoveries and up-dates of various collection lists and new registrations to the catalogue.

The club also has a library containing many of the published perfin catalogues from all over the world. The library may only be used by members with a registrered address in Denmark. 2 to 3 times per year, we hold written auctions over perfins and perfin related material. An auction catalogue is sent to all members.

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Perfin catalogue 2022

The Danish Perfin Collectors’ Club has published a new catalogue, it contains, among other things, 15 new perfin pictures and more than 1200 additions / corrections of users, periods of use, positions and much more compared to the 2012 edition.

The catalogue is a single page system for a ring binder in order that it may lie open when you work with your perfins. All illustrations provide accuracy of measurement, which means that a stamp may be placed on a page to see if the perfin matches 100%. All illustrations are shown from the front as well as from the back.

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Dansk Perfin Samlerklub – Danish Perfin Collectors’ Club is aDenmark-wide club; member meetings are held in Copenhagen. We publish a member magazine 2 to 3 times per year with articles about company history, BYTTE-ANNONCER and lists of meetings. We offer circulation of dublicates through the Perfin ring, and every year a few club auctions take place.


Dansk Perfin Samlerklub – Danish Perfin Collectors’ Club – has a large library containing perfin catalogues from all over the world. Members with a registrered address in Denmark may use the catalogue for free. If you wish to become a member of Dansk Perfin Samlerklub, please fill out the below form.

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